Très souvent, les gens reçoivent ou sollicitent des conseils en matière de soins de la peau de la part des personnes non qualifiées, ce qui conduit à des mauvaises recommandations et à une mauvaise utilisation des produits, dont certains ont des effets désagréables sur la peau. Cela va entraîner un cercle vicieux de dépenses inutiles, d'insatisfaction, de stress, allant jusqu’à la dépression et d'autres types de problèmes psychologiques qui peuvent exacerber les problèmes de peau.

The number of skincare products and the sheer amount of advice available on and off the internet is humungous. Bloggers, influencers, brands, everyone is giving advice, hence, plenty of pseudo skincare experts who lack the qualification and experience on which to base their ‘advice’. Some of this information can be very confusing or extremely technical to the common man as well as some of the products being proposed.

SkinCarePal is on a mission to solve this problem by providing world-class skincare services from skincare professionals with sufficient years of experience working on melanin-rich skin from the world’s best beauty hubs. Skincarepal finds skincare that suits you optimally, handpicked by experts for every budget, lifestyle, geography, etc. and made available for purchase on your dashboard. Each user has unlimited access through the platform to share their progress and setbacks with their expert.